New Odyssey (Wednesday, 19 April 2002)

19. červen 2002

We have observed Black Storks for many years and discovered as much as recent technology allowed us to. At first, we followed Kristyna step by step up to the winterizing grounds in West Africa, and then monitored her even more than three years on. Other black storks with "backpacks" came into consciousness of specialists and nature-enthusiasts as well. Now - after we went in for other kinds - we are getting back in favor of Black Storks again. New Odyssey is about to begin soon. What will be the difference between the new one and the African one? Most of all it is the scenery. It will not take place between Europe and Africa, but all in Asia. We are going to mark Black Storks in the Central Siberia and observe their trace to south, perhaps to India but maybe somewhere else instead. But the WHERE is not the only question by far. We strive to know WHICH way they are going to fly (Himalayas? Probably not) and what STRATEGY they choose for the migration. We will also be glad to inform you, the same way we did during African Odyssey, about the lives and customs the people living near stork flight traces, winterizing grounds and Siberian nesting places experience.

New Odyssey has two organizers: Apart from Czech Radio, Zoopark in Chomutov contributes to the project basically as well. Partners are for instance EARAZA (Euro-Asian association of zoos and aquaria), National Geographic for the Czech Republic or Abc magazine ; the professional guarantor of the project is The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic .

After the press workshop in Zoopark in Chomutov at 10 o'clock on Thursday June 27, 2002, we will inform in detail about our goals and the progress of their implementation on Internet and radio broadcasting.

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