In Krasnoyarsk

4. červenec 2002

Squeezed in Toyota Land-cruiser we ride here and there across Krasnoyarsk. We listen to different local radio stations to be heard from car load-speakers. At the time it's Europa Plus where they play Russian pop music followed by the Queen. We have already taken part in various compulsory visits and meetings. Now we are buying the parts of accessory to Taiga that were not favorable to move by plain. We are moving north tomorrow. Seemingly, everything is going well according to our plans.

We landed in Krasnoyarsk today morning (at 6am local time, in Prague it was midnight). And unplanned landing in Kemerovo caused by fog delayed our journey. And the news we'd heard in the metropolis of the Central Siberia were not any encouraging. Andrej Bajkalov investigated the only nest on Yenisey island about 500 kilometers north - but it had been washed away by a high water. The storks are said to build another nest. We try to believe it. The desperation is huge as we relied upon the information that these storks have hatches... The insular nest, if it really exists, will not be th only one around. Anyway to find another one in the dense Taiga is superhuman task. We have a reserved nest in Baykal but it would not be the right one as it lies too much in the East. Luckily, Premek got news from Novosibirsk about eight nests, but this information is 3 years old. Only one of them is inhabited for sure this year. But it's questionable if we can get there in time. After we thought up several crisis scenarios, we after all attach ourselves to the original plan although it does not square well so far. We will go north. First by car and then by ship. Then we'll see.

Krasnoyarsk is the center of equally called area of 2 340 000 square kilometers. It is about 30 times larger than the Czech Republic. About 3 millions people live here, of which a third lives directly in Krasnoyarsk. The temperature is about 25 degrees of Celsius during day.

autor: Miroslav Bobek
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