Islands in a steppe (Sunday 14th July 2002)

15. červenec 2002

Yamaalig rocks in the south of Tuvin Republic not far from the Mongolian boundary - they cannot be described else than islands in a steppe. The rocks, virtually huge piles of huge stones, rise from a slightly crimped landscape covered by the grass and wormwood. Extremely rare sakers have been nesting here on about every other of these islands. Anyway, we have not found storks here and we are almost sure they are not here. They could be here in the past - some of the abandoned nests may have belonged to storks - but it makes no difference now... The information obtained from Shushenskoe was inaccurate again, at least in terms of time.

So we go back north now across damaged asphalt roads while going to spend this night at Bajkalov family in Borodin in Khakasia. We should get to Novosibirsk on Tuesday morning the same day we hope to get to the only stork nest we are sure that exists.

Roadhouse in Tuvin. The menu includes pasties and other Russian traditional meals.
autor: Miroslav Bobek
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