We are flying to Siberia tomorrow

2. červenec 2002

After a few months of preparatory works the first stage of the New Odyssey project begins: tomorrow we are flying to Siberia to mark three Black Storks using satellite and terrestrial transmitters. So after we have mapped the storks' traces between Europe and Africa we are moving east to find out which way and where to the Siberian storks fly. As long as the European stork must fly aside the Mediterranean sea on their way to Africa, there is another obstacle in Asia: Himalayas. We do not expect them to fly over the Himalayas, but who knows? Even bigger mystery is where they are going to winterize. Perhaps in India or China, nevertheless we cannot exclude the possibility of winterizing in Africa.

We had taken part in many expeditions recently, which does not mean that the preparation to Siberia was easy for us. Exceptional credits goes to our project manager Magdalena Pilna - and to the widest colleagues of Odyssey project.

What is there ahead of our five-member expedition? Most of all questionable journey to the nesting area - we are flying to Krasnoyarsk, from there we have to move 500 kilometers north into the untouched Taiga. Our endeavor to catch the storks will certainly be complicated by the presence of mosquitoes. It looks probably silly but that is the way it is. The air in Taiga is at the time clouded by mosquitoes and midges; the experienced claim it is impossible to do anything in Taiga...

Well, we will see. It is late to back off.

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autor: Miroslav Bobek
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