Are Worries Substantiated?

5. květen 2008

Over the past three days, after the young stork was localized on May Day afternoon near Kabul (more precisely, somewhat further to the north, near the town of Charikar), we received only 2 isolated localizations, each based on a single signal. Unfortunately, temperature and other data from sensors were not available.

A very well functioning transmitter has suddenly almost stopped broadcasting. That may mean that the stork fell victim to bird hunting in the densely populated area to the east of the town. Yet there remains a glimmer of hope. On May 2, at 10 p.m., i.e. Two hours after midnight local time on May 3, the transmitter switched to active mode, which was supposed to be followed by another 24-hour silence.

The following active period (confirmed by one initial ON signal from May 4, 00:50 UTC), was part of a new cycle to be followed by a 96-hour silence. Unless some additional data arrive, we will have to wait for 4 days to see if the transmitter works.

Considered the coincidence with the switch to the new operating cycle, we cannot rule out a technical failure.

The other stork has been staying in the same place in the Tarim region. For more details, zoom in to the dots in that map that denote the latest locations.

autor: Lubomír Peške
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